To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Penny Kusum Clum creates environments and offers experiences that foster more internal space. She loves to share the how’s and the why’s with people from both a scientific and spiritual perspective so they can develop the independent skill to navigate and radiate in their own lives.

Feel free to experience Penny’s teaching and this community that began in 2003 in whichever way works best for you in your life right now. Check out live and on demand yoga & meditation class offerings, the growing set of resources in the Kusum Community Free Library, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

During these upcoming months as we are limited on our ability to gather together in person, join us in our new virtual Community Gathering Space… our touchstone meeting place, soft place to land and new living heart and hearth of our community… your place to rest, recharge and reconnect. Together.

If you feel the call to gather regularly with a community of like-hearted individuals to rest, recharge and radiate weekly, come on by. We’ve got a seat all saved for you at our campfire!

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Kusum Gathering Space

Welcome to a community of like-hearted individuals. Rest, recharge and radiate… weekly yoga & meditation classes along with bi-weekly group gatherings around our virtual campfire to hear a few words from Penny, breathe, sit silently together and focus our energies. You are powerful and you matter. Let’s make a difference.

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Kusum Classes with Penny

Join Penny for both pre-recorded and live streamed yoga, yoga nidra and meditation classes. Topic workshops and teachers training being dreamed up too!

$12/class or included for
for Gathering Space Community

Practices & Philosophies

A free community library of Penny’s sharings on experience changing practices and practical real life applications of Eastern philosophies and Western science.

Free resource library.

All is within. ~ Sri Dharma Mittra