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Penny Kusum Clum creates environments and offers experiences that foster more internal space. She loves to share the how’s and the why’s with people from both a scientific and spiritual perspective so they can develop the independent skill to navigate and radiate in their own lives.

After moving from Maine to North Carolina in 2020 (yes immediately before the shutdowns!), the most important thing to Penny has been allowing space for re-feeling out, re-imagining and re-enlivening our long time community in a way that is relevant, impactful and progressive NOW outside of the form of a brick and mortar studio. Eight long months later, inspiration has come home to roost!

Join Penny weekly on Monday evenings beginning September 21 as a part of the newly imagined Kusum Gathering Space… the touchstone meeting place, soft place to land and new living heart of our community. <3  Self care, camaradarie and doing good for the collective during a time it’s very much needed.

Check out the details and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We’re here if you feel the call to gather regularly with a community of like minded and hearted individuals (and re-connect with your old Kusum friends!) to rest, recharge and radiate weekly. we’ve got a seat all saved for you at our campfire!

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Kusum Gathering Space

Gather Monday evenings with a community of like minded and hearted individuals (and re-connect with your old Kusum friends!) to rest, recharge and radiate.


Kusum Classes with Penny

Join Penny for both pre-recorded and live streamed yoga, yoga nidra and meditation classes. Topic workshops and teachers training being dreamed up too!

$10/class for Gathering Space Community

Practices & Philosophies

A free community library of Penny’s sharings on experience changing practices and practical real life applications of Eastern philosophies and Western science.

Free resource library.

Penny’s primary spiritual teacher, Gurudev (Yogi Amrit Desai) gave her the name Kusum (it rhymes with ‘assume’) which means ‘flower’ or ‘flowering’. To Penny personally, this name has grown to represent her inner self, that part of her that sees the big picture and walks with a sense of connection and balance. The Kusum Institute and Penny’s programs are the vehicles through which she can share what she’s learned from her teachers regarding yoga, health and shifting perception to foster more awareness and ease blossoming in our lives and in our world.


To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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All is within. ~ Sri Dharma Mittra