Kusum Institute is an integrative educational organization, a center for weekly yoga and meditation classes and an events center set up to host both large and intimate gatherings. Kusum Institute brings in and sells out major events with revered teachers and guides such as Yogi Amrit Desai and Bhagavan Das along with a full monthly schedule of workshops and professional trainings from both the Eastern energy based world and the Western science based world. Kusum Institute offers authentic multidisciplinary programs and workshops connecting teachings from the fields of science, medicine, psychology, ancient texts, yoga, and energy.

The Kusum Institute’s mission is to offer knowledge and practices that strengthen our inner connection, raise outer awareness of our place in the world and empower us to effect healing in the wider world. All done with lightness and focus through carefully crafted combinations of scientific knowledge, spiritual insight and experiential teachings. The enjoyable side effect? Greater wellness and ease in our own daily lives.


The Kusum programs grew themselves since 2000 as Penny Kusum Clum began sharing the yoga, science and spirituality based experiences that deeply touched her life through offering book clubs, discussions, meditations, workshops and community events with the people at her home studio, Saco River Yoga (now named Kusum Yoga Saco).

As Penny realized how interested people were in learning and integrating what yoga is beyond the mat, her programs evolved into comprehensive Kusum Lifestyle Immersion programs for daily life, topic workshops, Whole Health Mindfulness Based Programs co-taught with therapists and other health care professionals for their client groups and Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Trainings (RYT 200 and Specialty Intensives as Continuing Education), all based on whole health from the inside out and simple yet powerful techniques that create more ease in our daily lives.

We offer explorations in classroom settings, workshops, daily physical yoga practices, meditations and access to the knowledge of energy workers, therapists and holistic health care providers. All this is provided by a faculty of experts in a variety of fields ranging from research science to wellness to yoga to healing. Learning can take place both in person and, in the future, we will bring our programs online for distance learning as well.

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