Bring your yoga to real world issues

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Living the philosophical principles of yoga can bring us right up against some pretty hard stuff… it’s so not just about feel good moments (although you’ll find plenty of those too).

I can’t explain it, but every day the topic of race in our culture is becoming more important to me as I become more aware of the issues that others face. What my friend, Shay Stewart-Bouley, does has opened my eyes to how even though it has not been purposefully thought out on my part, I (and our white culture) simply have the inborn privilege of living with less restriction and more opportunity than others. I truly am struggling with what my part in all this is and what my contribution will be, but I do know that ALL human suffering revolves around our simply lacking awareness. Through my fortunate association with Shay, I am beginning to see things I just never saw before. And the one thing I absolutely DO know is that the resting back and seeing is the one thing that fosters helpful change in our outer lives and our world.

Watch this video below on Opening the Dialogue on Race

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