[VIDEO] Freedom: A Talk and Images with Penny

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I had the pleasure of offering a talk at PechaKucha Portland sharing personal story and images describing some of the things I have learned about living in freedom and how we can get there.

View my talk here: Freedom: A Talk and Images

The emcee’s introduction:
Penny Kusum Clum is a biochemical engineer and from what I’ve seen she seems to be a right brain person trapped in a left brain world. Her passion is the overlap of opposites, science and spirituality, physical and nonphysical, outer world and inner experience. From what I can tell Penny seems to have found that place of calm in the eye of the storm between all these opposite forces that are in our lives.

Penny is the founder of Kusum Institute and she shares what she has learned regularly through her Kusum Life Immersion programs, retreats, workshops and weekly yoga and meditation classes.

For more information on Penny: www.PennyClum.com and for information about Kusum Institute visit: www.kusuminstitute.com


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