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Here’s the thing… we are here sharing what we do for yoga because yoga has quite simply changed the quality of our lives. We live happier with it and we love sharing what is good about it for us with others. We also know that most of us are living either strapped for time or are living on a budget (hence the stress in our lives that is the root of our unease!). So we offer several options to allow as many people to take as much yoga as possible. Our feeling is that if you decide you would like to make yoga a part of your life, you should be able to come in as often as you would like so we focus on offering unlimited monthly passes.

Feel free to create an account with us and purchase online. Your pass will be ready for you when you come in!

Kusum Yoga Studios

Passes are specific to each location. Purchase where you would like to primarily attend our classes. Locations in Maine at Kusum Saco Yoga and Kusum Scarborough Yoga.

Single Class $15
Student/65+Single Class $12
10 Class Pass (1 year expiration) $120
20 Class Pass (1 year expiration) $220
1 Month Unlimited $120
New to Studio 1 Month Unlimited $50
4 Week Get Started With Yoga Class Series (We periodically run 4 Week Get Started sessions as noted on our schedule and emails. This pass may ONLY be used for a specific Get Started series on 4 specific dates, no substitutions.) $40


It takes many hands to keep our centers running. If you would like to attend and finances are the only thing stopping you, it is possible to trade services such as cleaning, plants or reception for reduced rates… please talk with us.