The Days You Wake Up and See Who You Are

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It just hit me! We are always so in the PROCESS of becoming and we are so into the WORKING on becoming bigger/better/kinder/stronger/freer that we don’t realize we always already ARE something. Right exactly now, as completely imperfect as we may be, we all simultaneously are something to behold… these very awesome unique mixtures of a perfect AND imperfect coating on a set of heartfelt intentions. The only time we snap out of it (or actually back into it!) are those lifetime moments when 1) we fall into Grace by happy accident or 2) we have the gift of seeing ourselves through another’s eyes. It’s why we love the graduations and the engagement proposals and the retirement parties and those rare moments another recognizes and clearly states to us the beauty and value they’ve just seen in us. We wake up and see ourselves on those days, for just the briefest of moments. I have just received that gift.

The day finally came (through a series of my own life events) that I realized my workshops, immersion programs and teacher trainings had evolved to becoming bigger programs than what could be simply listed on the website for my yoga studios. Then along happened Jessica Wallner (through a series of her own life events) into my Lifestyle Immersion program and current Teacher Training. It turns out that Jess is a powerhouse. No, I mean a P-P-Powerhouse. 🙂 When she told me she works as a Brand Builder and Brain Organizer, I knew she was the one for me! She was the creative force who enlisted the editorial help of Evan Feeley who is another current Teacher in Traning (through a series of his own life events). Evan is a gifted writer, free spirit intellectual who is (I hope!) completely coming into seeing himself as the person I’ve already known he is. Together, Jess and Evan plowed through miles and miles of my stream of consciousness writing to create this new website.

Although I’ve been involved in its evolution along the way, I literally just now saw the final product. Jess saved the creation of the final few summary pages until the end. I am truly beyond FLOORED at what I’ve just seen. Jess and Evan, you have managed to capture a glimpse into my spirit and my heart and summarize it in a succinct and clear way that I’ve never been able to through the text and pictures you’ve woven together. Thank you for helping me wake up today, at least for this moment, and see who I really am. These are the moments.

So, I’ve had this glimpse. Over time every little glimpse we have adds up to a new view and more clear vision. These kindnesses offered by others do matter. The truthful uplifting views we offer others about themselves do matter. And, yes, although the reality is that we will cycle back into our default thought patterns and reliving the old stories, we will also find more ease over time remembering that we actually are not that small thing we believed we were.

Yoga is about developing awareness. We have to start by seeing it’s true that we tend to continually fall back into being solely concerned with the parts of ourselves that maybe aren’t our highest and acknowledge that we do tend to rebound into that realm as our default. Why is that?

Another story for another time… but suffice it to say for now that we absolutely do not have to stay in our original default state. It does require a tender and often fear provoking and heartbreaking honesty with ourselves about ourselves, our physical and mental habits, and our contributions to our own lives but the excellent news is that if you have the guts and desire to change your life and find your way through, there is incredible JOY simultaneously on the same path as the challenge. It’s immediate.

But stay tuned… too many cool topics for just one writing or class or workshop or immersion (or life!)… much more to come!

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