The First Step To A Sense Of Grace

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Here’s one thing I know. The balanced union of science and spirituality, knowledge and intuition, outer and inner, simply leads to a state of relaxation and Grace filled ease.

That may seem like a far off thing or a difficult long term task but it’s not. It’s SO close at all times. And every human being can begin heading in that direction, right now, in any moment, step by step.

This outer/inner balance is doable. Now. The trick is knowing the first step.

Spending my life as an engineer, biochemical researcher, educator, self studier, yogini and mom, I have had some pretty cool and varied vantage points into the the physical, psychological and spiritual.

Over the last few decades I have found many things that have made my life more stress free, more focused and filled with more joy. And it seems like a waste to keep it all to myself.

The first step to living Grace is always to clear our minds. This is essential and allows us to process based on something besides our in the moment reactive emotions and old story lines.

If we can create a little cushion of space where we can see our emotions and habitual reactions, then we are less likely to lash out because of them. This is what’s called being the ‘witness’ to our emotions. We will always have emotions but we can learn to not let them control our actions.

This is why practices like yoga, breath work and meditation are so important. They help us clear our minds.

I am always asking myself what part of my mind is shaping my life? When I make choices and comments filled with muddy emotions about old stuff that I’ve been carrying wanting believing, I have a muddy day/life.

And this clearing my mind thing? It didn’t happen one big time and I remained clear forever.

Witnessing and creating space in my mind happens again and again and again, every time I realize I’m responding on autopilot, non-thoughtfully, non-heartily.

Both head ? and heart ? are needed.

I do the best I can to remember to acknowledge my purely emotional younger heart that has hurt in the past but to no longer let that part choose my words and actions.

Importantly, I regularly spend a little time alone and in nature or quiet or breathing on purpose or moving consciously or meditating or with spirit driven people. I do these things so I can find and feel that part of my heart that is in line with nature and that eternalness that I AM and that I have been carrying with me before this life, now and long after this.

I want that Grace filled part of my heart to inform my mind before I choose. I want my older, bigger Soul Self to step forward within me and act IN PARTNERSHIP through my heart/mind often as possible.

I now have a new understanding of that old and beautiful Catholic prayer from my youth:

As it was in the beginning
Is now 
And shall be 
World without end

Through my practices I foster the clarity of my mind.

Through the clarity of my mind I invite that never ending part of myself to step forward more often and actively partner with me as my fuel source.

I continually invite my own inborn Grace to lead the way.

How I feel on the Inside by François Fressinier
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