The Quality of Our Experience

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Wherever we are in any single place, in any single moment, there is both happy and sad, dark and light, draining and uplifting present in varying proportions.

Look around you right now. You can always feel the opposites present. Both are there in that room with you, always, even if all the beautiful you can find is a single painting or one sunbeam shining through the room.

We experience suffering when we see or sense only the dark. Opening our eyes and other senses and locating the opposite brings fullness.

Example… we may be in a room where we are feeling unloved. We are not denying that is passing through for us in that in that moment. But maybe we expand our vision and notice the artwork our child gave us on a shelf or smell the dinner someone is cooking for us or feel our pet’s fur at the very same time the unloved feeling is floating through… something expands. We feel the truth that both sides of the coin are always present and that we are ok.

The quality of our moment is about what we choose to look at and seek out at any given time. That part is a choice.

Train your body’s senses to seek the pleasant that is sitting right with the unpleasant and train your mind to see all the open doors right next to the closed.

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