[VIDEO] Kusum Life Immersion Program… what’s it all about?

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CLICK HERE to view a video message from me about this program.

As ALWAYS,  I am SO excited to share details about the Kusum Life Immersion. I love everything I teach (or I wouldn’t be teaching it!) but this program is by far my favorite thing to take people through. Mind expanding, sigh inducing, focus clarifying, efficiency encouraging, dream creating, heart uplifting. Right now, yes NOW, in your life starting exactly where it is at this moment.

Notice I said I love to take ‘people’ through this program, meaning YOU.

You do not have to be ‘good’ at yoga, have your life in a ‘good’ place or have finally reached the ‘right’ weight, job, financial situation or had all your challenges all settle down. In fact, this is about helping you navigate that differently instead of the same way you have in the past. Do life differently if you want a different outcome.
If you have a sometimes messy, sometimes beautiful, sometimes too full, sometimes too empty life with lots of imperfections and things you would like to shift… I’m talking to you. All ages, all bodies, all life situations… always in transition.
When people (supposedly) have it all together and figured out, there is nothing to gain from a program like this, right?

This program is the culmination of 25 years of my professional work/passion interweaving and applying what I’ve learned from the fields of Western science and Eastern philosophy. A truly unique mix that changes perspectives, minds and lives.

In addition to my video message, please visit www.PennyClum.com for more information including what previous participants have to say about this program’s life changing benefits and find answers to FAQ’s.

Again to participate, you don’t need to know anything about yoga… it’s about learning to do life differently rather than learning to do more yoga on a mat! 

Ready to learn how to uplevel and learn how to foster more ease for yourself and positive change in this world?

Join me. You just show up. I’ve got this. I’ll take care of the rest.

Now is the time!
CLICK HERE for more information, registration and application.
CLICK HERE  for more of Penny’s videos.
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