Why Kusum Institute and Yoga?

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Here it is. This is what our teaching is all about. The reason our methods ‘make a difference’ is because we are not teaching what you ‘should’ do but showing you the ‘how’ and sharing how we have brought these practices and techniques into our everyday lives. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!

I read an Oprah quote about the moment she learned how to use her work to help people. She said of that moment:

‘I learned the key isn’t to tell folks stuff. But to show them how. We all know the right thing to do: say, make money while doing good in the world at the same time. But the question is, always, how?!


And so, to this day, whenever I see New Agey quotes saying “Love more,” or whatever, I shake my head. We all know love is good stuff. But how?


How is the key. How is the journey. How is the path we must walk.’

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