Join us for classes where Kusum began in 2003… Saco, Maine! We have had the pleasure of sharing well over 4,000 yoga and meditation classes with people in this town and have loved every minute of it.

Our cozy and beautiful downtown Pepperell Square location opened in 2008 as Saco River Yoga and grew into a thriving ever-expanding community that meets for weekly yoga classes, meditations and community events. When we added a second location in Scarborough, Maine as a yoga studio, events center and educational facility, we renamed our family of studios Kusum Institute.

All of our teachers practiced here as students… this warm and welcoming Saco space will always hold a piece of our hearts. Come relax with us… we would love to have you!

Through our local Kusum Institute studio locations, we provide the daily practices to support our larger mission of our integrative educational institute. We aim to teach practical effective methods and mind opening knowledge that people can easily carry into daily life to shift the quality of their lives TODAY. We offer explorations in classroom settings through our workshops and Penny’s original Kusum Life Immersion programs throughout the year. Keep an eye on our Kusum Institute programming as we share meaningful topics from a variety of fields ranging from research science to psychology to brain science to wellness to yoga to healing. Penny and the Kusum Institute teachers offer a wide variety of related ways to expand yourself and your viewpoints in addition to what you are learning through yoga practices. More info about the Kusum Life Immersion program and Penny’s work?

Kusum Saco Yoga
12 Pepperell Square
Saco, Maine 04072