When you look at our schedule you’ll notice there is a variety of class options. Regardless of the specific class you choose, there is a consistent feel and purpose to our yoga independent of the class name, experience level necessary or the pacing of a class.

One of the reasons you will notice a consistency in our classes is that all of our yoga teachers were first students of Penny’s for a length of time who deepened their personal practices through her four month Lifestyle Immersion program followed by her practicum based 200 hour teacher training program. And we all believe there is a class for everyone!

All of our classes are physically therapeutic, strengthening, stretching, meditative and focused on showing you tools that you can carry from your mat immediately into your daily life. Giving you the ability to apply the theory and practice you learn in a class is very important to us. After all, don’t most of us come to this practice seeking more ease in our bodies or more peace in our minds? The value is in the application. Oh, and we also like to laugh a lot and have fun with the whole process!

Regardless of style of yoga, our focus at Kusum Yoga is the bringing the principles of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and psychology to our daily lives. If it doesn’t change your life then it’s not yoga!

Kusum Yoga is a natural outgrowth of both Penny’s professional background in biochemistry/engineering as well as the styles of yoga that she has personally practiced and studied. Penny fell in love with Ashtanga Yoga in 1993 and Kusum Yoga is primarily an Ashtanga Yoga based community. We are also strongly influenced by the principles and philosophies of Amrit Yoga. The Yin Yoga approach has also been a component of our practices since 2008. All classes revolve around breath pattern focus.

Ashtanga Yoga often gets touted as a highly vigorous yoga that is appropriate only for the young and already fit… search the internet and you’ll see. We practice and teach Ashtanga Yoga though as the highly physically therapeutic and individualizable form that it originally was… read Guruji by Donahaye, Eddie Stern to learn more. What we love about it is that it is a flexible practice which coordinates breath with movement in an intelligent and precise set of sequences. If we go through the Ashtanga series at a vigorous pace including the more difficult variations for each pose, this practice will create an opportunity to challenge your body and develop your cardio capacity and fitness level. If we go through the sequence at a moderate or even slow pace, offering individually based modifications for all poses, then the Ashtanga sequences can be quite deep and meditative while helping those with pain or injuries heal.

We showcase Amrit Yoga in our Mindfulness Yoga classes. This is a very slow moving, meditative practice that is designed to enable us to begin to sense our own life force (Prana) by cultivating a deep awareness and connection to simple sensation as it runs through our physical bodies, Over time we develop the habit of noticing sensation outside of the studio as we move through our lives, jobs and relationships. We cultivate a relationship with this inner guidance and, if we choose, we can begin to listen to this intuition or gut feeling more as we make decisions in our lives. This is a very deep and practical practice that fosters natural shifts in how we see the world and how we live.

Quiet, slow and gentle Yin Yoga is a wonderful complement to our more active Ashtanga Yoga classes. Rather than targeting muscle and bone as we do in the more vigorous styles, in Yin Yoga we soften muscle to affect range of motion in our joints. As we rest into Yin poses and work with the connective tissues in the joints primarily around the hips and low back, we have the opportunity to completely let go and rest into the stillness.

All of our classes are deeply meditative and physically therapeutic. We strive to help each person feel confident learning our practices and how to modify them for their own bodies. We foster relaxation while in our rooms but, even more importantly, we show you how apply what we teach in our classes to your daily life.

Our Kusum Yoga class schedules consist of flowing, warm and focusing Ashtanga Yoga classes complemented with quiet and gentle Mindfulness Yoga and Yin Yoga practices. We offer opposite ends of the spectrum, a doable yet strong physical practice and a deep meditative one so that every person can find a class that is appropriate for their needs.

Ideally, we develop balance as we practice on both ends of that spectrum so maybe you try the classes you are easily drawn to and when the time is right, maybe you try the classes that you might find a little challenging.

As always if you would like help knowing where to start, please don’t hesitate to email or call us to choose your first class!

Weekly Class Schedule

We have happily taught literally thousands of classes in Saco since 2003. It’s our home base! Our studio there continues to offer daily yoga, mindfulness, yoga nidra and meditation classes. We offer classes that are accessible and classes for those off all levels looking for a challenge along with a wide variety of educational and sacred events.

Our Scarborough location is a partnered space with Scarborough Yoga in a collaborative wellness center where we offer several classes each week.

Kusum Institute Saco | Get Directions »
209 Main Street, Saco ME

Kusum Yoga Scarborough | Get Directions »
433US Route 1, Scarborough ME

Here’s the thing… we are here sharing what we do for yoga because yoga has quite simply changed the quality of our lives. We live happier with it and we love sharing what is good about it for us with others. We also know that most of us are living either strapped for time or are living on a budget (hence the stress in our lives that is the root of our unease).

So we offer several options to allow as many people to take as much yoga as possible. Our feeling is that if you decide you would like to make yoga a part of your life, you should be able to come in as often as you would like so we focus on offering unlimited monthly passes.

Many hands make light work. If you would like to attend classes but are not sure you can afford it, please contact us. We have many jobs that need to get done each week to keep us running smoothly. If you would like to work in exchange for yoga, let’s see if we can find a fit.